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 Sujet du message: Dictionnaire du Shath'yar
MessageMessage posté...: Jeu 12 Nov 2015 22:20 
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Phrases avec traduction télépathique :

  • "Shgla'yos plahf mh'naus" = "They who dine on lost souls know only hunger."
  • "Gul'kafh an'shel. Yoq'al shn ky ywaq nuul." = "Gaze into the void. It is the perpetuity in which they dwell."
  • "Ywaq puul skshgn: on'ma yeh'glu zuq." = "They drink your fear: it is the blood of life."
  • "Ywaq ma phgwa'cul hnakf." = "They are the whisper on the shivering wind."
  • "Ywaq maq oou; ywaq maq ssaggh. Ywaq ma shg'fhn." = "They do not die; they do not live. They are outside the cycle."
  • "Iilth vwah, uhn'agth fhssh za." = "Where one falls, many shall take its place."
  • "Vwyq agth sshoq'meg N'Zoth vra zz shfk qwor ga'halahs agthu. Uulg'ma, ag qam." = "Once more shall the twisted flesh-banners of N'Zoth chitter and howl above the fly-blown corpse of this world. After millennia, we have returned."
  • "Zzof Shuul'wah. Thoq fssh N'Zoth!" = "Victory for Deathwing. For the glory of N'Zoth!"
  • "Sk'shgn eqnizz hoq." = "Your fear drives me."
  • "Sk'magg yawifk hoq." = "Your suffering strengthens me."
  • "Sk'uuyat guulphg hoq." = "Your agony sustains me."
  • "N'Zoth ga zyqtahg iilth." = "The will of N'Zoth corrupts you."
  • "Gul'kafh an'qov N'Zoth." = "Gaze into the heart of N'Zoth."
  • "Sk'tek agth nuq N'Zoth yyqzz." = "Your skulls shall adorn N'Zoth's writhing throne."
  • "Sk'shuul agth vorzz N'Zoth naggwa'fssh." = "Your deaths shall sing of N'Zoth's unending glory."
  • "Sk'yahf agth huqth N'Zoth qornaus." = "Your souls shall sate N'Zoth's endless hunger."
  • "Uovssh thyzz... qwaz..." = "To have waited so long... for this..."
  • "Ak'agthshi ma uhnish, ak'uq shg'cul vwahuhn! H'iwn iggksh Phquathi gag OOU KAAXTH SHUUL!" = "Our numbers are endless, our power beyond reckoning! All who oppose the Destroyer will DIE A THOUSAND DEATHS!"
  • "Ilith qi'uothk shn'ma yeh'glu Shath'Yar! H'IWN IILTH!" = "You will drown in the blood of the Old Gods! ALL OF YOU!"
  • "KYTH ag'xig yyg'far IIQAATH ONGG!" = "SEE how we pour from the CURSED EARTH!"
  • "UULL lwhuk H'IWN!" = "The DARKNESS devours ALL!"
  • "Sk'yahf qi'plahf PH'MAGG!" = "Your soul will know ENDLESS TORMENT!
  • "H'iwn zaix Shuul'wah, PHQUATHI!" = "All praise Deathwing, THE DESTROYER!
  • "Shkul an'zig qvsakf KSSH'GA, ag'THYZAK agthu!" = "From its BLEAKEST DEPTHS, we RECLAIM this world!
  • "Ez, Shuul'wah! Sk'woth'gl yu'gaz yog'ghyl ilfah!" = "O, Deathwing! Your faithful servant has failed you!"
  • "Uulwi gag erh'ongg w'ssh." = "Their shadow will choke the land for eternity."
  • "Uulwi ifis halahs gag erh'ongg w'ssh." = "The shadow of my corpse will choke this land for all eternity."

Murmures en Commmun :

  • At the bottom of the ocean even light must die.
  • The silent, sleeping, staring houses in the backwoods always dream. It would be merciful to tear them down.
  • There is no sharp distinction between the real and the unreal.
  • Even death may die.
  • There is a little lamb lost in dark woods.
  • All places, all things have souls. All souls can be devoured.
  • What can change the nature of a man?
  • The stars sweep chill currents that make men shiver in the dark.
  • Do you dream while you sleep or is it an escape from the horrors of reality?
  • Look around. They will all betray you. Flee screaming into the black forest.
  • In the land of Ny'alotha there is only sleep.
  • In the sleeping city of Ny'alotha walk only mad things.
  • Ny'alotha is a city of old, terrible, unnumbered crimes.
  • Y'knath k'th'rygg k'yi mrr'ungha gr'mula.
  • The void sucks at your soul. It is content to feast slowly.
  • The drowned god's heart is black ice.
  • It is standing right behind you. Do not move. Do not breathe.
  • Have you had the dream again? A black goat with seven eyes that watches from the outside.
  • In the sunken city, he lays dreaming.
  • Open me! Open me! Open me! Then only will you know peace.
  • You resist. You cling to your life as if it actually matters. You will learn.
  • The tortured spirits of your ancestors cling to you, screaming in silence. Apparently they are quite numerous.
  • The fish know all the secrets. They know the cold. They know the dark.
  • The giant rook watches from the dead trees. Nothing breathes beneath his shadow.
  • Beneath the shadow of the darkened spire, there is no light, no mercy, only void, and the chaos within.
  • You will all be alone in the end.

Murmures de Yogg'saron :

  • They are coming for you...
  • Give in to your fear...
  • Kill them all... before they kill you...
  • They have turned against you... now, take your revenge...
  • It WAS your fault...
  • Tell yourself again that these are not truly your friends...
  • You are a pawn of forces unseen...
  • There is no escape... not in this life... not in the next...
  • Trust is your weakness...
  • Hope is an illusion...
  • All that you know will fade...
  • You will be alone in the end...

Murmures de C'thun :

  • Death is close...
  • You are already dead.
  • Your courage will fail.
  • Your friends will abandon you.
  • You will betray your friends.
  • You will die.
  • You are weak.
  • Your heart will explode.

Murmures d'Y'shaarj :

  • You can never leave this place. There is no way home.
  • You will die when you leave this place. There is nothing left of your world.
  • You have already lost.
  • All of your friends are dead.
  • No one is coming to save you.
  • Your allies will leave you behind.
  • You cannot succeed. Your cause is hopeless.
  • Your allies think you are weak.
  • You do not have the strength to defeat him, you are too weak to carry on.
  • With each threat unraveled, a step closer to my realm.
  • Another blemish on your soul.
  • You will rest in Ny'alotha.
  • You should kill them all. You must kill them all.
  • Eyes are the windows to the soul. Shatter them forever.
  • Pluck their wings. Leave them broken.
  • Pay the cost of greatness.
  • All should bow before you. Make them!
  • All that you have accomplished, all that you have won, yet still you lick the boots of kings.
  • Carve more slowly, that I may feed.
  • Embrace your rage.
  • Caress your fear.
  • Gorge your hatred.
  • Voice your doubts.
  • When you walk among the black forest, you will see.
  • I can taste the essence of your soul... it is sweet...

Lexique :

  • "ag" = we
  • "ak" = our
  • "agth" = shall
  • "an" (prefixe) = into
  • "eqnizz" = drives
  • "ez" = Ô
  • "fash" = betrayal
  • "fhn" = cycle
  • "fssh" = glory
  • "gag" = will
  • "gul'kafh" = gaze
  • "h'iwn" = all
  • "hoq" = me
  • "huqth" = sate
  • "iggksh" = oppose
  • "iiqaath" = cursed
  • "ilfah" = you
  • "ilith" = you
  • "kaaxth" = thousand
  • "kyth" = see
  • "lwhuk" = devour
  • "ma" = is/are
  • "magg" = suffering, torment
  • "maq" = not
  • "naggwa" = unending
  • "naus" = hunger
  • "nuq" = adorn
  • "nuul" = dwell
  • "ongg" = earth
  • "oou" = die
  • "Phquathi" = the Destroyer
  • "plahf" = know
  • "puul" = drink
  • "qam" = return
  • "qi'" = a prefix denoting future tense
  • "qor" = endless
  • "qov" = heart
  • "qwaz" = this
  • "shath" = old
  • "Shath'Yar" = Old Gods
  • "shel" = void
  • "shg" = outside
  • "shuul" = death(s)
  • "Shuul'wah" = Deathwing
  • "sk" (prefixe) = your
  • "shgn" = fear
  • "ssaggh" = live
  • "tek" = skull(s)
  • "thoq" = for
  • "thyzak" = reclaim
  • "thyzz" = long
  • "Uhn'agh" = darkest
  • "unh" = many
  • "uhnish" = endless
  • "uull" = darkness
  • "uovssh" = wait(ed)
  • "uuyat" = agony
  • "vorzz" = sing
  • "vwahuhn" = reckoning
  • "wah" = wing
  • "yahf" = soul(s)
  • "zaix" = praise
  • "yar" = god(s)
  • "yeh'glu" = blood
  • "ywaq" = they
  • "yyqzz" = throne
  • "zuq" = life
  • "zzof" = victory
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 Sujet du message: Re: Dictionnaire du Shath'yar
MessageMessage posté...: Dim 29 Jan 2017 14:25 
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(ajout des listes de speech de Xal'atath, pour le lore)

Spoiler : Xal'atath :
Upon being stunned:
Xal'atath whispers: Enjoy that?
Xal'atath whispers: <short chuckle>
After killing something:
Xal'atath whispers: Did you feel it cease to exist?
Xal'atath whispers: Every little death helps.
Xal'atath whispers: Boring.
In Violet Hold:
Xal'atath whispers: How far the Manastorms have fallen! Relying on crude machines and weak arcane wizardry did them no favors. Still, they had their uses. (Encountering Millificent Manastorm)
Xal'atath whispers: For this idiotic pustule of N'Zoth to have lived so long... it does little to refute my opinion of this world's new owners. (Encountering Mindflayer Kaahrj)
In Neltharion's Lair:
Xal'atath whispers: Though he is not one of our servants, he has heard our whispers. They darkened him forever. (Encountering Ularogg Cragshaper)
Xal'atath whispers: A beast of stone who ignorantly throws around power he barely controls. He should be put down before he ruins our plans. (Encountering Dargrul)
In Black Rook Hold:
Xal'atath whispers: So much fury in this soul! It will be a good harvest. (Encountering Illysanna Ravencrest)
Xal'atath whispers: Another tortured soul, long overdue for oblivion. I am more interested in his advisor, though… (Encountering Lord Kur'talos Ravencrest and Latosius)
Encountering Nythendra (The Emerald Nightmare):
Xal'atath whispers: A corrupted corpse of a dragon... How dangerous could that be?
Encountering Archdruid Glaidalis (Darkheart Thicket):
Xal'atath whispers: Another mindwarped servant of Xavius. A druid should have better control of his own mind, don't you think?
Encountering Lady Hatecoil (Eye of Azshara):
Xal'atath whispers: It is possible N'Zoth may be responsible for her form, but her arrogance is all her own.
Encountering God-King Skovald (Halls of Valor):
Xal'atath whispers: Skovald seeks to join the ranks of the destroyers, unaware that so many of those who dare are betrayed.
Encountering Tirathon Saltheril (Vault of the Wardens):
Xal'atath whispers: Another fool who believed Illidan's lies of sacrifice and righteousness. Tormented, he turns on everyone.
In Highmountain:
Xal'atath whispers: The fallen Aspect's lair is near. He was the strongest of them, and yet the easiest one for us to corrupt.
Xal'atath whispers: The tauren here are remarkably resilient to corruption, considering their origins.
In Val'sharah:
Xal'atath whispers: To see Yogg-Saron's nightmare in full bloom fills me with jealousy... and some pride.
Xal'atath whispers: Here you will see why the Legion's invasion is ultimately futile. All can be corrupted, dreams and demons alike.
In Azsuna:
Xal'atath whispers: The dragons are weak here. You would do well to exploit this fact.
Xal'atath whispers: The Legion burrows deep here. If they burrow deeper, they may not like what they find.
Xal'atath whispers: Disaster abounds here. Elf ruins filled with unquiet souls ripe for harvest.
In Stormheim:
Xal'atath whispers: Do not be impressed by tall icons of the titans which stand here. The towers of sacrifice in Ny'alotha dwarf these pathetic temples.
In Suramar:
Xal'atath whispers: This city of the elves pales in comparison to the sleeping city... (Near Suramar City)
Xal'atath whispers: Suramar, its "noble" citizens greedily slurping at their world's very lifeblood.
In Netherlight Temple ( Priest Order Hall):
Xal'atath whispers: The walls between realms are thin here, so easy to tear open. Do you know what would happen if true shadow and light would meet here?
Xal'atath whispers: I know the naaru consider us horrors to be resisted. We do not share this view. They are merely beloved brethren that lost the true path. They will return to their masters... in time.
Xal'atath whispers: Do the naaru speak of the eternal conflict? That the entire history of your world is but a fraction of the time that has passed? (Near Saa'ra)
Xal'atath whispers: The research into the Void here is commendable, but ultimately futile. How could you possibly understand what the titans did not? (In the Sanctuary of the Void)
Xal'atath whispers: The God of the Deep writhes in his prison, breaking free ever so slowly. You should hurry and defeat the fallen titan... there are greater battles yet to fight.
Xal'atath whispers: The fallen elves cower behind their wall. They know no other way...

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